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Cassy P.

Wylie, TX

"I have finally found what I am looking for. Edward K. is an excellent teacher and passionate about helping others achieve their singing success goals. I am forever hooked and will recommend him to anyone."

Kassy Levels

Dallas, TX (Professional Recording Artist)

"Edward K. has been the best vocal teacher that I have experienced.  I have worked with many top voice teachers in the area and Edward is by far the best.  He has taken me to the next level of my vocal ability.  I feel like I have evolved into a professional singer through his guidance and attention to detail.  He is always willing to go the extra mile.  His approach to teaching is very laid back and his personality is very easy to get along with.  I can't recommend him more and look forward to continuing my studies with him."

WIlliam M.

Plano, TX

"This is a professional singer who has toured Europe, performing in multiple places and has the "I did it myself" knowledge and skills to offer the very best instruction. He will help you to unlock your voice, using proper technique."

Chistopher M.

Allen, TX (Singer/Song-writer)

Going one on one with a vocal coach can be intimidating. In today's world, so much can be done online, and it seems like it would make more sense, right? Wrong! Edward Kuntchef is a true professional - someone who takes the time to know WHO YOU ARE and what YOU are about, all while teaching you fundamentals that are absolutely necessary to your goals and natural abilities. The teaching is straightforward, the feedback fair and honest, the interaction lighthearted and enjoyable, and the cost extremely fair. Edward is no doctor rushing you through an appointment, he is truly interested in his students, and makes you feel at home! Why bother with books or online lessons when you can get valuable, live, and comprehensive feedback from a teacher who cares! I happily recommend Edward to anyone, at any age, seeking to better themselves vocally. If you are "in the market" for a vocal coach, you cannot be better served."

Celine & Glen C.

Richardson, TX

"My husband and I signed up for voice lessons with Edward approximately 7 months ago, after a lifetime of singing in choirs and for personal enjoyment, but without any professional coaching. Our objective was to improve our singing ability, gain better breath control, and expand our range. From the first lesson we were "hooked" by Edward's approach, enthusiasm, encouragement, and technique. We have seen steady progress, and have learned more in 7 months of weekly lessons than we both have over decades of singing! As busy professionals (ages 55 & 60) it has been hard to maintain a schedule of lessons and find the time to practice, but the sheer enjoyment of it has been so personally rewarding that we keep working at it, with Edward right there offering constant guidance and support. He has stretched us to go beyond what we thought we could achieve, and although we're not professionals on stage with our name in lights, we marvel at the improvement in our singing ability. Most importantly, Edward has given us back what we had both lost - a love for singing. He is truly a gifted teacher, with a warm and gracious personality to go with it. You will love working with him, and no matter what your level of singing ability is (from "none" to professional level) he will bring out the best natural voice in you that you never knew you had! We cannot recommend Edward highly enough."

Kelsey D.

New York, NY (Actor)

"Edward took my voice from sounding like a little mouse to singing in full voice with over three octaves (Soprano)! He teaches the proper/healthy technique where singers do not develop nodes, all the while making exercises fun and empowering because of his immense love for music and teaching. I was very hesitant to take lessons at first because I grew up thinking I didn't have a voice, but from day one Edward was so encouraging and assured me that he saw where my voice could be. Less than three months later, I sing "O Mio Babbino Caro", "The Little Mermaid", and Lucia di Lammermoor."

Matt M.

Addison, TX (Singer/Song-writer-Rap Artist)

"Edward has been more than just a great vocal coach- he has inspired me to keep reaching for my goals. Not only does he give sound technical teaching on the voice, but he pushes you to reach your potential as an artist. He is always upbeat, motivational and intentional with his teaching. He doesn't sugar-coat things and tell you stuff just to make you feel good- He's always honest about the progress you're making as an artist. There's never a minute that I don't feel he is one hundred percent engaged in the lesson. I've taken from other teachers before and his commitment and focus is unparalleled. I wouldn't take from any other vocal coach and I'd recommend Edward to anyone wanting to take their vocals and music career to the next level."

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